About Me

I’m Debbie Kelly. I am a BACP Accredited Person-centred Counsellor.

Although I work mainly from a Person-Centred perspective, my training was Integrative and encompassed several different theories of counselling, and my approach is informed by other styles of counselling that may be useful in the moment with clients, such as the use of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques . I work remotely via the telephone or video. I believe that counselling starts with the client and that the therapeutic relationship that is formed between client and counsellor is key to the success of the work. Please do ‘shop around’ when looking for a counsellor to make sure you get the right ‘fit’ for you. This is why I offer an initial 15 minute phone call so that we can speak and get a sense of each other. I look forward to hearing from you.

The courses

I am committed to Continued studies and Professional Development. Here are some of the courses I have taken;

Get In Touch

By listening, offering empathy and non-judgement, I can help clients find their own inner resources and tools to make the changes they want at the pace that is right for them.