Anxiety Counselling

A certain level of anxiety is a natural and healthy response to the stresses of everyday life. It allows us to focus and function positively in situations which may be outside of our normal comfort zone. It helps us to react appropriately to taxing situations, helping us to avoid high levels of risk or danger.

However, when levels of anxiety become excessive and prolonged the symptoms we experience can have a negative impact on daily living. If anxiety causes us to react out of context and intensity to otherwise manageable situations it can stop us fully taking part in certain aspects of life.

There are different types and levels of anxiety

Common symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety counselling can help you become more objective about your fears and aware of how these symptoms affect you.

Together we can then work out coping strategies to reduce the symptoms to a tolerable and liveable level. During counselling, the issues underlying your anxiety can be explored and that in itself can help to lessen the effects anxiety has on your day to day life, as increased understanding can help you move forwards.

If you are undecided about moving forward with counselling or have any queries, please do contact me to arrange a free initial 15 minute phone call.