Mental Health Counselling at Home: Self-Care Strategies for Your Mind

Have you ever considered that your home can be a sanctuary for mental wellness? With the increasing awareness of the importance of mental health, it’s vital to recognise that help doesn’t always come from an office. Instead, it can begin right where you are. This blog explores effective self-care strategies that nurture your mind and […]

How Counselling Can Help When Navigating Life’s Transitions

Navigating life’s transitions, whether they are planned, like starting a new career, or unexpected like a sudden illness, can be stressful. These transitions can bring up complex emotions and uncertainty that can challenge our resilience. Counselling offers support through these turbulent times, providing both practical and emotional input. In this blog, we explore the vital […]

A Guide to Perinatal Mental Health Counselling

The perinatal period—encompassing pregnancy and the first year following childbirth—can be challenging not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. Understanding the mental health struggles that can occur during this time and recognising the support available when seeking help is important for new parents. This blog aims to explore perinatal mental health issues, guiding you through […]

How Does a Phone Counselling Session Work?

lady taking notes whilst on phone

The evolution of counselling, especially with the introduction of phone and online platforms, has revolutionised how we seek and receive psychological help. This transformation has not only increased accessibility but also introduced new modalities of therapy that cater to the modern individual’s needs. On the back of Covid restrictions, many counsellors and clients have continued […]

The Benefits of Online Counselling

online counselling zoom meeting

In an age where digital connectivity has transformed every facet of our lives, the realm of mental health support has not been left behind. Online counselling, once a novel idea, has now become a mainstream avenue for seeking psychological help. But what exactly makes it so appealing? This blog aims to explore the many benefits […]

How to Prepare for Your First Online Counselling Session

online counselling session taking place

Embarking on the journey of online counselling can feel like stepping into uncharted territory. With the digital age flourishing, therapy sessions have transcended the traditional face-to-face setup, embracing the convenience and flexibility of the online world. In the lead-up to your first online counselling session, you might be feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. […]

Navigating the Healing Journey of Pregnancy Loss Through Online Counselling

lady sat down holding her head

Pregnancy loss is a profound and deeply personal experience that touches the lives of many parents. Currently in the UK, 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in loss. It’s a journey filled with a myriad of emotions, from grief and sadness to confusion and isolation. In the digital age, online counselling has emerged as an offering […]

How Counselling Can Help With Birth Trauma

baby laying down with feet in the air

Welcome to this Birth Trauma blog where understanding meets compassion, especially for new parents navigating the often unpredictable journey of bringing new life into the world. While the arrival of a baby is celebrated with joy and anticipation, the birthing experience itself can sometimes take an unexpected turn, leaving parents grappling with feelings of distress, […]

New Parents Blog

This blog article focusses on new parenthood and the role counselling can play in processing the birth experience and easing this life transition. Having a baby can be an overwhelming experience, for both parents, full of all kinds of emotions. For some new parents the joy can get a bit lost in anxieties about ‘getting […]

Empty Nest Blog

In this blog article we look at life after the kids have flown the nest and how counselling can help make this adjustment manageable. If you are waking up this morning to peace and quiet, a full fridge and tidy lounge and wondering what has happened, might it be that the kids have gone (back) […]