Grief and Bereavement Counselling

Grieving is a normal response to loss, whether it is loss of a loved one, a beloved pet, loss of health, loss of a job or divorce.

As a society however, we often find it difficult to talk about death, dying and loss, which can make loss a silent and isolating experience. This can make the passage of grieving difficult, as it is human nature to want to tell our story, allowing us to incorporate our experience into our lives and continue our journey.

It may be hard for family and friends to hear your story as they do not want you to be in pain and they may also be dealing with their own emotions. The passage of time can bring certain preconceptions that the grieving process should have ended. However, anniversaries, birthdays and family occasions can heighten our sense of loss and re-trigger the grieving process. It can seem as though family and friends have ‘moved on’ and expect the same from you.

Grief and bereavement counselling allows you the time and space to tell your story and be heard, to have someone alongside you who can bear your pain and is present for you alone. As a person-centred counsellor I will be independent from your experience but will not be distanced from you.

I recognise the need for you to experience your grief by offering a safe and contained place for the exploration of all of your emotions, without judgment or preconceptions.

The process of telling your story allows your loss to become integrated into your every day life, and for your loved one to be remembered and to remain part of your life, without the pain of your loss being unbearable.

If you are undecided about moving forward with counselling or have any queries, please do contact me to arrange a free initial 15 minute phone call.