Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss Counselling

Miscarriage and pregnancy loss counselling offers the chance for you to talk about your loss in a safe space and tell your story.

The loss of a baby at whatever stage, be it miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, termination for abnormality, stillbirth or neonatal loss, can be a devastating and isolating experience. Very often there has been medical intervention, pain and associated trauma, which can deepen and extend the grieving process.

However, the physical aspects of losing a baby are only part of the bereavement experience; there are also the loss of precious and personal hopes and dreams for and about your baby and the person they were to become. Sadly, couples may grieve very differently and there can be relationship hardships as a result.

There is very often the need to create and nurture memories of your baby, no matter how small. Sometimes, having got though the initial distress, due dates, Birthdays and Christmases arrive, which can heighten the sense of loss again.

For some, all that is needed are a couple of counselling sessions to allow time and space to tell their story without concern that others have ‘moved on’ and expect the same from you. Others may require more sessions to address deeper set issues that have arisen from their loss.

Everyone is different and only you can know how you feel. We can discuss your needs and expectations in the initial consultation.

If you are undecided about moving forward with counselling or have any queries, please do contact me to arrange a free initial 15 minute phone call.